Freguently Asked Questions.
Welcome to Pick The Band. Where the Fans Run the Label.

About Pick The Band

Q. What is Pick the Band?

A. Pick the Band is the first totally online record label run by fans for the fans. The fans get to decide who we sign and participate in what happens next.

Q. What genres of music does Pick the Band showcase?

A. We are starting off with Rock (Indie, Alternative,Hard Rock and Pop Rock) but different contest will focus on other genres as well.

Q. Is it free to sign up?

A. Yes, Pick The Band is free.

Q. Can I browse music if I'm not signed up?

A. Yes, but to vote and participate you must register.

For the Bands

Q. How do we get chosen to participate in the showcase?

A. Just upload your music video clips and we will let you know if you have been selected prior to the contest voting beginning.

Q. How do I set up my solo artist or band profile?

A. Fill in the band registration form and we will do the rest. Once you have registered, you can log back in at any time to update your profile information.

Q. Can I still direct fans to my website?

A. Yes, we want you to list your MySpace and your own website pages. However, voting must be done thru

Q. How do I upload my songs?

A. Login to your profile and go to the upload section.

Q. Can I remove my music or chance content after I upload it?

A. No, but you can contact us if you feel there is an issue.

Q. Can I upload cover songs?

A. Only when we ask for a cover song.

Q. What file formats do you accept?

A. Pick The Band accepts a wide range of video file formats such as .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, and .MPG

Q. Can we sell our music on Pick The Band?

A. At this moment no music is being sold on Pick The Band. This will be available at a later date.

Q. My band is already signed to a label. Does that matter?

A. Unfortunately, if you are on a label already you cannot participate with Pick The Band.

Q. Does Pick the Band promote specific artists, music, tours, etc?

A. Not during the showcase. However, once a band wins and signs with us, they will be promoted.

Q. How will new fans discover my music on Pick the Band?

A. We will be promoting the site and the bands, but it is also up to you to get your fans to the site as well.

Q. Does Pick The Band help with recording costs or tour support?

A. Pick The Band may fund recording costs and provide tour support for winning or selected bands.

Q. Do the bands write their own material?

A. Yes, bands will write and perform their own songs.

Q. Do the fans get to make all the decisions, like t-shirt and which stops on the tour, and which song is the single?

A. We will invite the fans to participate in making the decisions. This may be in a variety of different ways, including providing designs, video concepts, song ideas, song titles, tour stops. We may have the bands choose from fan submissions or at times allow the fans to vote on other things like which song should be a single.

Technical, Privacy and Legal Issues

Q. My songs or my pictures are not uploading. What should I do?

A. Contact support at

Q. Is there a storage size limit for any songs, pictures, etc?

A. Video uploaded for the contest need to be under 100MB in file size and should not exceed 2 minutes in length. Picture files are recommended to be less than 2MB in size. Audio files should also be no larger than 5MB.

Q. Does Pick the Band give out my personal information?

A. No.

For Contests

Q. How are winners of contests determined?

A. Winners are determined by a formula that includes the number of votes and the rating given for each vote. The number of fans that the band has is not a factor in who wins a contest. Each vote is verified by IP address.

Q. How often can a Fan vote?

A. Fans can vote once day for each band and must be registered on They do not need to be a Fan of that Band to vote for that band.

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